Casting Cycles

As the Yale Drama Coalition, our mission is to foster communication and collaboration within the undergraduate theater community and between show teams. We build programs that cater to the needs of student thespians and advocate to the administration on your behalf.

As part of this mission, the Yale Drama Coalition organizes coordinated casting cycles for all undergraduate theater productions. This program reduces the stress of the casting process and enable actors to make more educated and timely decisions, while maintaining each productions’ control over its respective casting.

There will be multiple casting cycles per semester. For each cycle, the YDC will organize one day in which all productions will offer roles to actors. Auditions and callbacks can happen at any point in the days or weeks before that date, but actors cannot be contacted with offers of parts until the designated call time.

The full text of the YDC Casting Cycle Policy can be found here.

The casting cycles for the 2019-2020 academic year are:

  • Sunday, September 8, 2019
  • Sunday, October 6, 2019*
  • Sunday, November 10, 2019
  • Sunday, December 8, 2019
  • Sunday, January 26, 2020
  • Sunday, February 16, 2020

*It is recommended that musicals going up in the spring cast in the October 6 casting cycle this year.

On the designated call day, the YDC will reserve a block of classrooms, one for each show to make calls in. If roadblocks arise, production teams can confer directly with other teams, and request the aide of un-biased YDC Board members to keep things fair. This will enable productions to offer roles nearly simultaneously to a given actor, who in turn can make a more informed and timely decision, allowing production teams to move forward in the casting process. In order for this to work, teams must be present and making calls in the building that the YDC has reserved for such purposes.

All productions that wish to be listed on the YDC website and use YDC resources such as ticketing, gels, gobos, newsletter announcements, etc., must participate fully in these casting procedures or receive the permission of the YDC Board to make alternate arrangements.

If actors are pressured to accept roles before the given call date in a cycle, or are not given a reasonable grace period in which to make a decision, they can and should contact the Yale Drama Coalition Board.

This process greatly eases the tension associated with casting through streamlined and increased communication. Actors will be able to make faster and more informed decisions by being presented with all of their options at one time, and will not be pressured to accept roles without having heard from all the shows for whom they auditioned. The YDC’s facilitation of freer communication between production teams helps alleviate stalls in the call tree process.

All productions wishing to utilize the YDC resources must fully participate in the casting cycle, need to contact the current YDC President, and post their show on the YDC website at least one full week before the scheduled start time of the casting call.

Auditions and callbacks may be held at the production team’s convenience, but actors may not be offered roles until the start of the Casting Call Day. On this day, all production teams will begin their call process in a block or rooms reserved by the YDC where impartial YDC facilitators will be available if any casting conflicts arise. If actors are offered or pressured to accept roles before the given call date in a cycle, or are not given a reasonable grace period in which to make a decision, they can and should contact the Yale Drama Coalition Board. 

A full description of the casting call day is available here and any questions can be directed to current YDC President.