About Yale Drama Coalition

Mission Statement

The Yale Drama Coalition (YDC), an umbrella organization for undergraduate theater, was founded in 1999 to foster a union of student voices impassioned by theater at Yale. 

The YDC’s core values include:
  • Facilitating access into the sphere of undergraduate theater, 
  • Strengthening a sense of community among theatermakers, and 
  • Promoting fairness and openness within that community.
The YDC Board works with Yale administration to meet the needs of the theater community, in addition to programming events that enrich theatrical life on campus and reflect the organization’s core values.
The organization has an open membership and invites input and participation from all interested Yale students. Roughly 650 undergraduates will be actively involved with YDC activities each year.

For more information, please read our full constitution.

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YDC Executive Board

President: Jay Mehta
Co-Vice Presidents: Beza Tessema and Naomi Schwartzburt
Communications Officers: Ellie Burke and Hank Graham
Treasurer: Marissa Blum
Casting Cycle Coordinator: 
Catherine Alam-Nist
Wellness Coordinator: Eliza MacGilvray
First Year Liaisons: Cal Barton
CAMP Counselor: Carson White
Community Events Coordinator: Jeffrey Steele
Llamas at Large: Jacob Yoder-Schrock