Audition For Turquoise

Hi! Whatever your experience level, background, race, ethnicity, or gender, we want YOU to audition for Turquoise! Pick a side or two that you find interesting, and look over them– no need to memorize. If you pick one of the two person sides, we will have a reader available to read with you.

Auditions will be Saturday September 21st between 12 and 3pm in 220 York room 100 (on the first floor, NOT the ballroom), and Sunday September 22nd between 4 and 6pm in 220 York room 001 (downstairs, on the right).

Audition For Falsettos

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Falsettos! Please prepare around a minute (32-64 bars) of a classical or contemporary musical theater song (bring sheet music; an accompanist will be provided). As Falsettos is sung-through, the biggest thing we’re looking for is for your ability to showcase character through your song. We look forward to hearing you sing!

Audition For Chicago

We would love to have you come audition for Chicago (no experience necessary)! Please prepare a 32 bar cut of classical musical theater for the audition (bring sheet music as a pianist will be present to accompany you!)


Welcome to Control Group, Yale’s only experimental theater ensemble. What does that mean? It means anything you want it to mean. Are you a performer, writer, painter, musician, architect, dancer, sculptor, or designer? Great: there’s a creative home for you in Control Group. Are you none of those things, but eager to create art & performance in a hyper-collaborative setting, supported by peers in a group where the interdisciplinary creative possibilities are limitless? Great: there’s a place for you too! 

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