The Cradle Will Rock: in concert

A Concert Version of the Political Hit

by Marc Blitzstein

The Cradle Will Rock poster

That’s thunder, that’s lightning, and it’s going to surround you! No wonder those stormbirds seem to circle around you… well, you can’t climb down, and you can’t sit still; that’s a storm that’s going to last until the final wind blows… and when the wind blows… the cradle will rock!

The Cradle Will Rock is a 1937 anti-establishment musical with a storied history, originally funded by the New Deal-era Federal Theater Project. Blitzstein’s definition of musical theatre through a Brechtian lens, after consultation and study of Brecht’s methods, involved “direction… topicality… political and social education…[and] spine and nerves.” The Cradle Will Rock follows this approach closely. Throughout the show, we jump between the Night Court, where the members of the “Liberty Committee” have been mistakenly arrested, to flashbacks of the ways in which each member of the Committee has sold themselves to Steeltown’s oligarch, Mr. Mister.

With a concert reading of this musical in the midterm season of November 2018, we hope to see what 1937 has to say about our modern politics. Exposing the way that all sorts of people sell themselves out for power and influence - whatever their personal politics, and whatever walks of life - The Cradle Will Rock is a piece you’ll be thinking about for a while.

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Performance Dates & Times

November 29, 2018 - 8:00pm

November 30, 2018 - 8:00pm

December 1, 2018 - 8:00pm


Crescent Underground

Venue Accessibility: 
Venue lobby is accessible via elevators located near both the Morse and Stiles dining halls. Upper seating is accessible via main venue entrance. Facilities and stage level seating are accessible via a ramp to the left of the main venue entrance.


Larry Foreman, Steve Druggist
Mr. Mister
Ella Hammer and Sadie Polock
Mrs. Mister
Harry Druggist
Dr. Specialist, Dick
Dauber, Gus Polock
Reverend Salvation, Gent, Prof. Scoot
Prof. Mamie
President Prexy
Yasha, Junior Mister, Bugs
Sister Mister, Prof. Trixie
Editor Daily
Clerk, Piano

Production Team

Musical Director
Stage Manager
Lighting Designer
Costume Designer
Stage Manager
Musical Director
Musical Director
Musical Director
Graphic Designer