by Simon Rabinowitz, Will Wegner, and Charlie Romano

19050s Movie Musical Style Poster

The students of McPringle University thought it was a spring break like any other… until a rather unusual email from the school’s president informs them that the rest of the semester must take place over ZOOM! For Emilia Morley, quarantine could mean much more than Netflix binges and a Tinder relapse–– it’s a chance to participate in McPringle’s university-wide talent show and win every non-legacy-college-student’s most coveted dream: a tuition refund. There’s only one problem: Emilia has no talent. Well, she’s smart, but what’s that worth at a place like McPringle, right?

Follow Emilia and her friends (or are they?), Laika, Steve and Straight Steve, as they navigate quarantine and face an absurd conflict that will inevitably lead them to a profound realization, or something like that.  

This short digital musical was produced by bored remote students, for bored remote students, remotely. Any similarities to real people, institutions or events is purely coincidental.

Note of clarification:

This show was cast and recorded over the past summer and is now in post-production. It is not a part of the fall season and was not funded with a CPA award. This page will remain updated with information about the upcoming public screening and release. We sincerely apologize for any confusion about the timeline of the production process, or about its involvement in the fall season.

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Straight Steve
President Drively
Card Magician
Cup and Ball Magician
Handcuff Magician
Coin Magician
Annie Romano
Rope Magician
Deke Sterking
Leo Gloom
Hershel Eisenowitz
Michelle Schwartz
Dana Ortega
Shannon Sexton
Jake Jortles

Production Team

Book Writer
Stage Manager
Stage Manager