About Yale Cinematic Productions

Mission Statement

The Yale Cinematic Productions - A Student Alliance (“The Cinemat”) is “the largest undergraduate student film organization on campus and Yale University’s only film production organization.

Our mission is to provide accessible practical film education and support film productions on campus with technical know-how, equipment, financial aid, and community building.”

Founded in 2021 by Annaelise Kennedy in association with Evelyn Larson, Jonas Kilga, Charlie Gleberman, Annelise Ratner, Kari Hustad, and Maggie Schyner.


Current 2024-2025 Cinemat Board

President - Daphne Joyce Wu

Vice President - Bronwen Pailthorpe

Secretary -  Robert Gao

Treasurer - William Orr

Director of Education - Moe Shimizu

Director of Marketing - Thomasin Schmults

Technical Director - Linden Skalak

Social Chair - Kingson Wills

Director of Outreach - Antonia Baudoin

First-Year Liaison - Elora Sparnicht

YouTube: @thecinemat