Space Elevator (Film)

A Senior Project Film for Adam Payne

by Adam Payne

Space Elevator (Film)

* * * * * * SYNOPSIS ************ * * * *************Michael Whitter is a college student of great drive and ambition. A senior, he is determined to put on the greatest theatrical production the world has ever seen–a brilliant sci-fi epic about a space elevator. The vision in his head (depicted through animation) is truly magnificent. However, the production is soon blighted by real-world problems. Will his dreams turn out to be just as far out as their subject? * * * * * * * ROLES * *********** * * * * ************ MICHAEL WHITTER *Our Hero, the dreamer. Sick and tired of feeling unaccomplished and unseen, he wants to write and direct a project that will go down as the stuff of legends, but he only has a semester left to do it!* TULLY YOUNG*Michael’s equally unaccomplished roommate, Tully doesn’t place too many burdens on himself, and takes it upon himself to de-stress those around him. He becomes Michael’s producer out of roommate loyalty. * CORRINE BAKER*The experienced lighting designer that helps Michael put together his vision. She questions Michael’s experience, but appreciates his vision and sees the play as an opportunity to do something interesting for herself.

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Performance Dates & Times

May 1, 2011 - 7:45pm


LC 101


Paul/ Montclair Vincent

Production Team

Props Designer