The Other Place

by Sharr White

Poster of The Other Place

Drs. Juliana and Ian Smithton have been at an impasse since their daughter, Laurel, ran away from home ten years ago to elope with an older man. Laurel has recently gotten back in touch with Juliana, but Juliana’s efforts to reunite the family are impeded by a loss of faith in her marriage and a sudden medical scare. As Juliana struggles to keep the pieces of her life in order, she stumbles closer to the truth than she might have wanted.Estimated running time: 90 minutes

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Performance Dates & Times

April 21, 2016 - 8:00pm

April 22, 2016 - 8:00pm

April 23, 2016 - 8:00pm


Crescent Underground

Venue Accessibility: 
Venue lobby is accessible via elevators located near both the Morse and Stiles dining halls. Upper seating is accessible via main venue entrance. Facilities and stage level seating are accessible via a ramp to the left of the main venue entrance.


Ian Smithton
Juliana Smithton
The Man
The Woman

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