After finding her wealthy roommate dead in her dorm room, an ambitious low-income college student recounts the story of their tumultuous relationship to a detective.

by Kari Hustad

Marie Audition Poster
“Marie” is a 30 minute short film following our titular protagonist as she navigates her first year as a low-income student at an Ivy League college. Marie, an ambitious student eager to get in with the “it” crowd, is placed as roommates with Adrianna Spalding, the extraordinarily wealthy daughter of a major pharmaceutical family. While advantageous on the surface, their relationship is complicated by Marie’s secret resentment for Adrianna, as Marie’s mother died as a result of opioid addiction– a crisis perpetuated, and perhaps created by, Adrianna’s family. Everything changes when Adrianna is found dead in her dorm room, ostensibly as a result of a cocaine overdose. As Marie sits for an interview with a detective, the real story of what happened to Adrianna comes to light, and reveals Marie to be more than just the struggling, low-income college first-year out of her depth. This film is a senior thesis project written and directed by Kari Hustad. 
Currently seeking to cast an adult actor between the ages of 35 and 70 who can play the detective character.
Detective Jerry/Janice P, 35-70– A detective from the local police department. Detective P. is assigned to investigate the sudden death of Adrianna and just wants to do the job. Well-intentioned but a little inept, Detective P. stumbles upon some suspicious information while questioning Marie, and is not entirely prepared to handle it.
We are shooting the first two weekends in April, with some assorted afternoons and evenings. The character of the detective will be shooting 1-2 full weekend days, either of those two weekends, scheduling dependent.
Please record a self-tape reading the attached side with a partner, and send to Please send by Tuesday, March 15 ideally, but feel free to reach out if that is not doable, or if you have any questions.
For all inquiries, please contact: 

Media and Downloads

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Shooting Period

April 1, 2022 to April 12, 2022

Production Team

Alex Johnson
Renée Theodore
Script Supervisor