The Leftovers

by Angelica Peruzzi and Faven Wondwosen

The Leftovers Poster

Based on the spoken-word poem “The Leftovers” written by Faven Wondwosen, the story provides snippets of the lives of three girls, Honey, Mija, and 宝贝 (Bao Bei) as they deal with the struggles of adolescence and their eating disorders. Brought up in extremely different cultural circumstances, their lives seem to intertwine in battling with their image of themselves, forming a linear narrative of recovery. We explore the role of their three mothers, Mama, Mamá, and  妈(māma) in observing their daughter’s gradual fall into the rabbit hole that is body dysmorphia. Ultimately, this is a story about the role of motherly figures as harbor for a daughter’s pain, and home as a trap as well as a place of recovery. The entire film is narrated by an external omniscient voice.

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Media and Downloads

Shooting Period

April 6, 2024


宝贝 (Bao Bei)
妈妈 (māma)

Screening Information

Yale Student Film Festival

Production Team

Antonia Baudoin
Thomas Chung
Sound Designer
Lighting Designer
Kemi Tela
Makeup Artist
Costume Designer