This is me, Kyle Mazer, sexily holding a light bulb. Thanks to Students for Carbon Dividends for the pic. Save the planet!

Kyle Mazer


Hello! (Pre-emptive P.S. I have no real idea what a “Bio” entails so I’m just gonna talk about myself for a hot sec.)

First, a note about the photo of myself I attached, it’s from the only photoshoot I’ve ever done and I know theater headshots usually are all sexy and stuff so this is me trying to do that. I apologize. Unless of course you like it. 

My theater career is realtively out of place, it was kind of a few things simply thrown up into the air that are still trying to find their way back to the ground, how they will land I do not know yet. That being said, I started doing theater on a random impulse my junior year after tearing my ACL. My first role was Steve in Almost Maine, a play put on by my high school in 2017. In the following year, my senior year, I was fortunate enough to play (well really just yell) the role of Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men, also put on by my high school. After that I decided I thought I could sing and was even more fortunate enough to play Roger in Rent which was, you guessed it, put on by my high school. 

I also do a lot of stand-up comedy and have recently joined The Good Show, a sketch comedy group at Yale. I don’t know if this counts as performing but there’s still room in this box and I want to fill it up.

I have no formal training whatsoever, I play piano, can fake my way through guitar and drums and dabble with the harmonica and the spoons. I can also do a boatload of accents and am learning new ones every day. That’s all. Thanks for reading!


Show Name Role Dates
CANCELLED: So, Betsy! Composer Apr 9 – 11, 2020


Show Name Role Dates
Radium Girls Martland/Knef/Lovesick Cowboy Apr 4 – 6, 2019