Kyle Mazer


I’ll start at the beginning. I’ve always been a writer, all the way back to first memoir Sadly, Heart Surgery, in second grade. I’ve always been an actor, all the way back to my leading role of Tevya/Fidler in the Mazer Family Living Room Producions of Fiddler On the Roof: A Two Sibling Production. But I’ve been an entertainer since I was born. And that’s what I hope to provide you, on whatever occasion it is that you’re reading this in–it is the first thing that pops up when you google my name, and will, at the very least, probably prevent me from landing any corporate job–entertainment. 

In High School I played Roger in Rent. If you pay me I’ll show you the footage. At Yale, I played The Lovesick Cowboy in Radium Girls, wrote a musical called So, Betsy! that would’ve premiered on Yale’s Campus if it wasn’t for the pandemic, and edited the Inserts Section for The Yale Herald. I am one of the directors of The Good Show, Yale’s premier Late Night Style comedy show; a regular performer in The Opening, Yale’s premeir Stand-up Group on campus, as well as other local mics; the producer of One Seat Over, The Yale Herald’s podcast about sharing stories to create a more understanding community; and the host of Crackin’ Peanuts! Yea, I have a podcast. Bite me. 

Most everything I do comes with a heavy dose of salt (cooking and joking), and I really just want to share stories. There are just too many good ones to go around.  


Show Name Role Dates
CANCELLED: So, Betsy! Composer Apr 9 – 11, 2020


Show Name Role Dates
Radium Girls Martland/Knef/Lovesick Cowboy Apr 4 – 6, 2019