Hamzah Faiyaaz Jhaveri


Hamzah Jhaveri is a first-year student (Trumbull ‘22) from Orlando, Florida. Though his experience acting in theater and film productions is limited, Hamzah has had much exposure to the performing arts, both as an organizer and as an observer. Hamzah is the founder and former president of the nonprofit arts organization Islamic Artists of Orlando, which aimed to recast a positive image of Islam in Orlando through the showcasing of visual, literary and performing arts following the Pulse Massacre of 2016. Both within and without his nonprofit, Hamzah has written and publicly performed poetry, co-produced in independent film productions (“That Mighty Deep” and “Life, Death, and Mike Levin,” both produced and directed by Joe Khoury) and organized happenings. Beyond his arts organization, Hamzah has also published poetry in the following literary magazines: Leopardskin & Limes, Ursus Americanus, 805 Lit Journal, Tammy Press Journal, and By Any Other Name.


Show Name Role Dates
CANCELLED: MISS-TIZAJE Production Assistant Mar 27 – 29, 2020