Daniel Grabois

“I was incredibly proud to be awarded the Louis Sudler Prize at my graduation in 1986. Unlike many of my fellow students, I entered Yale knowing what I wanted to major in (music), and knowing what I wanted to do with my life (be a professional French horn player). Winning the prize was a tremendous recognition of the work I had put into my playing, and a big confidence boost. The funding that came with the award was certainly a help after graduation, when I had basically no income. I did go on to spend 25 years freelancing in the New York City music scene, where I worked again and again with colleagues who had been undergraduates at Yale. I am now the professor of horn at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a job I took on in my mid-40’s. I feel that my time at Yale made my move into full-time academic life much more seamless than it might have been, and I have collaborated with members of over 45 departments at UW. I continue to be grateful for the education I received at Yale.”

Daniel Grabois, Berkeley College 1986
Website: http://www.danielgrabois.com/