Institutional Resources

The Center for Collaborative Arts and Media is an interdisciplinary arts research center that bridges diverse arts disciplines and fosters critical inquiry at the intersections of visual art, design, film, music/sound, performance, and computer science.The CCAM promotes interdisciplinary inquiry, discourse, production, and research across expanding fields of arts practice and supports collaborations in arts research across disciplines. The CCAM is open to all Yale students— graduate, professional, and undergraduate students alike. The faculty-led staff helps students identify research conduits at the Center, across campus, through inter-collegiate partnerships, and within industries, to bolster more innovative arts practices and partnerships at Yale.

Yale FilmNet is a collaborative community that connects and supports students, faculty, staff, and alums through filmmaking. Hosted by CCAM and working closely with the film faculty at Yale, FilmNet conducts technical workshops, partners with the film industry to develop programming, and organizes networking events for the Yale film community. From pre-production techniques to mentorship, Yale FilmNet provides the resources and community to support successful filmmaking at Yale.

The Bass Media Equipment Checkout offers an inventory of Prosumer and Professional-grade digital media production equipment to any affiliate of Yale with a billable library account. BMEC aims to be an accessible resource to all members of the Yale community regardless of background with digital media, and offers both equipment and support to patrons at the service center located in Bass library.

Films at the Whitney was inaugurated by the Whitney Humanities Center in 2009 to help foster a dynamic film culture at Yale. The program supports a host of film-related events, including film conferences and festivals, special screenings and workshops with visiting filmmakers
, and faculty and student-organized screenings

The Yale Film Study Center supports teaching, learning, and research, and fosters a robust film culture at Yale through collection, preservation, access, and exhibition. Founded in 1982, the Film Study Center is committed to the preservation of, and access to, resources for the scholarly study and appreciation of cinema with a collection of of 5,000 35mm and 16mm prints in its film archive, over 33,000 assets in its video collection, and a small but growing screenplay collection. Students may borrow films or see them onsite in private viewing booths and screening rooms (one equipped for 3D). The Film Study Center’s viewing facilities include two screening rooms (B-20, capacity 25, and B-21, capacity 15), two flatbed film viewing stations, and twelve private video viewing booths.

The Yale Arts Calendar features arts-related events across all programs, theaters, and galleries at Yale, giving our community and the public at large access to a consolidated source of arts information.