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I was very inspired by Bill Greaves’ Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: take one when I arrived at the formal concept of this film project. I wanted to utilize his explorations of performance, authenticity, film, and artistic self-awareness to understand a fairly quotidian feeling that has been occupying my brain of late: finding a sense of home. This project began very simply - as a self-referential capturing of the process of recreating and performing an archival moment.

Skin is, My

Skin Is, My is an experimental short, providing commentary on the hyper-association my brother and I have experienced throughout our lives as children of mixed race. With an ambiguous name like “Miho,” no one even associated me with the heritage of my mother or my mother at all.


Mary falls in love with John, her soulmate who’s in a committed relationship. She tries to hide her feelings in the film they’re making, but they soon realise that their relationship is more complicated than they thought. Cinema imitates life, and only beneath layers and layers of film, can we finally face our true feelings.



A video using family archives to explore relationships to land, faith, and violence across four generations.


Illusions of Motion

Illusions of Motion is a short documentary intrigued by the New York Subway systems. Vehicles expand and compress our experience of time and space, illusions emerge from intersections of stillness and movement. In this film the illusions are categorized into four parts, Into the Dark, Moving on the Track, Abandoned Classicism and Switch of Scenes.



Distance is a short film about Justin, a college freshman who is struggling with his feelings about his long-time high school sweetheart, now long distance girlfriend, Callie. After a tough disagreement over FaceTime with her, his roommate Brendan attempts to connect with him despite them not being close. Distance takes a look at long distance relationships, not only in how they fail, but why we still attempt them and how we move on once they’re over.


120 Years

120 YEARS tells the story of Scott Lewis, a citizen of New Haven, Connecticut who was sentenced to life in prison for a crime he never committed. Over the course of two decades, Lewis built his case from behind bars, poring over legal texts, writing to attorneys, and holding out hope that one day he might walk free. This story traces the ramifications of his wrongful conviction on a family that lost 20 precious years together, a community shaken by corruption, and an exonerated man desperately making up for lost time.

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