Super Shorts

You Ci Ke (SG)

Nucai is a dedicated servant to the Emperor who finds himself neglected when the Emperor chances upon a new pet. Sensing something fishy about the pet, Nucai warns the Emperor about his suspicions but his good intentions fell onto deaf ears. It’s now up to Nucai, to stop an assassination plot against the Emperor.

Obsolescence (CA)

Three ghosts, representing three different generations, keep a portrait of themselves as the unique sign left of their own identity after death. Two of the ghosts have an analog portrait, while the third one has a digital portrait. Soon they will experience the obsolescence of technology, which will challenge the preservation of memories through time.

Nadir (BE)

A traveller reaches the ocean and begins a journey in a dark and dangerous marine setting, then into the lowest point, the Nadir, in order to finally get to the other shore

John (USA)

“John” is a short narrative film with no script, only a soundtrack. A waitress gets hit on by a customer and then she decides to take his car for a spin when he offers her a ride.

Hurry Up (BE)

At rush hour, a fruit crowd throng into the metro to the frantic rhythm of the music. The metro stops abruptly and the fruits renounce their eagerness gradually, they begin to fall asleep and dream of a world where they grow on trees. But the metro reboots suddenly and they return to the harsh reality: the terminus.

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