Narrative Shorts

Fino Alla Fine

A gunshot breaks the silence of the night. Four men run away from the scene of the crime. Umberto “Yes and no”, the infallible killer of the Caputo clan, has just killed the wrong man. Now he will have to report it to the boss. Unfortunately, the victim is the nephew of Tonino O ‘Infame, the city’s most feared boss. But this does not seem to be the biggest problem: in fact, Umberto “Yes and no” hides a terrible secret.



Wiki is a autistic, and curious young girl, who has to face really harsh reality of living with an alcoholic mother after her grandmother dies. Luckily amongst all this chaos, she meets Mateusz - a huge fan of Warsaw city busses - who brings back real sunshine to her life.


When the sun goes down, terrestrial activity slows down and falls asleep. The stars become visible in the true, deep, black sky. The short and lively cycles of terrestrial life give way to cosmic eternities. That is the moment chosen by a tiny soul to leave the Earth plane.



High school student Sasha from a small town has to pretend to be a stupid scumbag to become a part of local teenage crew. In the meantime he dreams of moving to a big city and learns hard to get an education in university. But Sasha’s first love and parents keep their power over him.

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