Experimental Shorts

Black Dog

Utilizing archival footage and stop-motion animation, Black Dog is set during the US and USSR space race of the 1960’s amidst a time of heated social and political tension. Two brothers must deal with the sudden loss of their parents. As one falls into the darkness of a troubled marriage, the other must find an escape from the evil that is devouring his family.



Did you ever wondered what’s right back in the world where you actually living? Sometimes we rather accept our own reality instead real one, which is too vague. Short dance film, made by students of two schools from Czech Republic.


The Nest

“The Nest” is the first short film made by Marta Skoczeń, shot in 2018 in Southern Poland. It tells the story of two young girls living in isolation in a faraway village. They spend their time doing nothing of great importance; they sew, play, or sleep. Their leisure and boredom are accompanied by a fear of confrontation with the outside world, represented by the nature surrounding them, full of metaphorical beehives.


The caretaker of an old woman who tries to find peace at the end of her life helps her in her final moments and protects her when a demon enters her room. A tale about tenderness.


Off Season

In a small fishing village during off season a day is like another. The inhabitants live side by side like the elements of the landscape. But a small sway is enough to break the routine, and the closed worlds become close words. Special days reveal themselves only when they come close to end.



The struggles of a woman attempting to cope with her trauma. Highly textured, hand processed black and white images are intercut with stark color and accompanied by sounds of manipulated voices.

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