Documentary Shorts

One Room School

In the final academic semester of National Institute of Design, the Design Project allows a student to take up a documentary film as the project. It involves research, pitching the project, direction, editing and sound design of the film under a budget of 100$ in 10 weeks by an individual student.Ek Orda ni Shala (One Room School) is a documentary film on efforts taken by a school called Helpline Education Home in Ahmedabad.

Eau de Toilette

Mario and Ingo know a face of Berlin which is unfamiliar for most people. Instead of iconic night clubs and on-trend vernissages they see the daily waste water produced by the metropolis: They are sewerage workers. A portrait of a job that keeps the system running and shows the differences between a world above and below the surface.


At the End of the Day

A portrait of a homoparental family: Marta and Mariana are married and live with their two young children, Matias and Maria Mar, and Madiba, a Dalmatian. At the End of the Day explores the importance of small gestures in a family’s intimate spaces.


Religious fanaticism has many faces. Some detonate bombs; others wear masks of Jesus. Havenofear depicts Islamophobia in the small village of Nebosja, which lies at the border between Slovakia and Hungary.

Jakub Gajdos is a filmmaker from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. He is currently a student at the Academy of arts in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.


Black Dog

The myth of the Black Dog structures the life of these Argentine villagers. Capturing their stories and beliefs, this documentary traces how myths shape our identities and world.

Tomas Faiman is a documentary filmmaker from Villa Crespo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studies Image and Sound Design at Buenos Aires University.

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