As You Like It

by William Shakespeare

Poster of As You Like It

In the fairytale Forest of Arden, raucous comedy and romantic tension mingle. The Duke Frederick reigns at court, having banished his older brother Duke Senior from the kingdom. When he tries to banish Senior’s daughter Rosalind, his own daughter Celia flees in rebellion, and a cast of memorable characters descends on the woods. As Orlando, a handsome banished courtier, and Celia compete for Rosalind’s affections, Duke Senior and followers cavort like Robin Hood’s merry men, shepherds and shepherdesses pine, and courtly fools stir up mischief. This fresh look at As You Like It embraces the traditional comedic notes of the play while exploring the darker implications of the thwarted romance between Celia and Rosalind.Auditions are August 29-30. This production of As You Like It is a condensed script cut, which will run approximately 80 minutes. Actors of all experience levels are welcome to audition, and we encourage you to chose any of the sides below, regardless of the gender of the character in question. A note on the well-known “All the world’s a stage” side: while some productions take a more serious tone for this speech, we are looking for interpretations that leave us on the floor rolling with laughter.

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Performance Dates & Times

December 1, 2016 - 8:00pm

December 2, 2016 - 8:00pm

December 3, 2016 - 2:00pm

December 3, 2016 - 8:00pm


Crescent Underground

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Venue lobby is accessible via elevators located near both the Morse and Stiles dining halls. Upper seating is accessible via main venue entrance. Facilities and stage level seating are accessible via a ramp to the left of the main venue entrance.


Silvius, et al.
The Dukes, Frederick & Senior
Phoebe, et al.
Corin, et al.

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