The Postmodern Prometheus

by Emma Ventresca '26, Aaron Ventresca

The Postmodern Prometheus

Prometheus was punished for creating fire. Frankenstein pushed the bounds of science too far. Yet their tales fell short of preparing a world for a new kind of AI.

Michael did not expect philosophy to affect his scientific studies in college. But after enrolling in a class on Plato’s Gorgias, he develops an insatiable desire to create something that will outlive him. This quest drastically changes his relationship with his steminist sister Liz and his fame-seeking, internship-obsessed friend Everett. It is not a question of if but rather how others will take advantage of Michael’s new creation. Set amidst the chaos and comedy of university life, The Postmodern Prometheus examines the moral quandary of “how much is too much?” from the vantage point of young innovators, those who drive technology forward each day.

The workshop of The Postmodern Prometheus will take place February 1st-4th.

The reading (open to the public) will be on April 5th at 8pm.

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Performance Dates & Times

April 5, 2024 - 8:00pm


Hopper Cabaret

Venue Accessibility: 
Building, main lobby, and facilities are accessible via an exterior-entry elevator just inside the Elm Street gate. Venue is accessible from the lobby via a wheelchair lift.


John Raskopf
Pantheon Pete
Jeth Fogg
Phil, PI, Professor, and Narrator
Drew Comstock

Production Team

Musical Director
Musical Director
Jacob Leshnower
Technical Director
Sound Engineer
Lighting Team
Kylyn Smith
Sydney Scheller
Aaron Ventresca