Home {Sic}

A failing student must cope with psychological turmoil when the strain of his competitive environment turns a dorm party into a nightmarish dreamscape.

by Travis Gonzalez

Poster of Home {Sic}

[Home] Sick is a short narrative project that is loosely inspired by the atmosphere of competitiveness and anxiety found in many top tier institutions.The story centers on Jack, a college freshman who is having second thoughts about his belonging at his school. Staring once again at another abysmal exam grade, he is haunted by the anxiety of failure, something he perpetuates by keeping a wall of exams plastered over his desk.In an attempt to let go of some of the stress, Jack looks forward to his dorm party later that night. However, a night of fun and comfort quickly turns into an alcohol-tinged nightmare when the people he encounters do nothing but further stir his fears. Isolated in a sea of drunkenness he is without support, forced to face his inner demons head on.[Home] Sick is a psychological thriller that will be stylized as a dark fairytale.

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