The Good Show Presents: “Handsome” Dan and Other Lies

Blue poster with colorful text advertising The Good Show Presents: "Handsome" Dan and Other Lies on March 4 @8pm in LC 101

Come one, come all to The Good Show’s first performance of the Spring 2022 semester! Join us for a night of laughter and lies in LC 101 this Friday, March 4, at 8pm EST featuring Special Guest “Handsome” Dan!! You’ll be barking mad if you miss it, trust us, it’s all anybody’s gonna be talking about.


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Performance Dates & Times

March 4, 2022 - 8:00pm


LC 101

Patron Information

This performance is open to asymptomatic patrons with an up-to-date vaccination status. Please bring your COVID 19 vaccination card, clearly legible photo of your vaccination card on your phone, or your MyChart vaccination confirmation and a valid photo ID. Front of House staff will be checking tickets, IDs, and proof of vaccination. Yale-approved masks are required for all performers and audience members.