Cinderella: The Light of God

Adapted from a 19th Century Folktale from Nymphaio, a Village in Northern Greece

by Andrew Sotiriou

Poster of Cinderella: The Light of God

What do you do when your Mother has transformed into a cow and your Elder Sisters have slaughtered and eaten her?When you are treated as a servant girl by these sisters after being abandoned by your Father, where do you turn? Do you dare entreat assistance from your aunt, the village pariah, who is rumored to work Dark Magic and have cursed your home? A melding of Ancient Greek tragic tradition, Christian doctrine, and the music of the Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus, this production asks: From where do we derive our strength? What propels us when all seems lost? How does faith vary from person to person, and how does it manifest at the level of community?Five sub-communities—each composed of an actor and a painter—work together within the community of the production to give life to its characters. The actor is the body that inhabits the character and performs its dialogue; the painter creates icons that reflect and inform character development.The Slavic singers act as Tragic Chorus and Liturgical Choir.The process is highly generative and a means for all involved to investigate how they connect to a Higher Power.The play is scheduled to go up during Holy Week.Blessed Be.

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Performance Dates & Times

April 5, 2012 - 8:00pm

April 6, 2012 - 8:00pm

April 7, 2012 - 2:00pm


Saybrook Underbrook

Venue Accessibility: 
Lobby is accessible via elevator near the Head of College's office inside entryway I. Balcony level seating is accessible via lobby entrance. Stage level seating requires the use of stairs.


The Father / Priest (Painter)
The Mother / Mystic (Painter)
The Mother / Mystic (Actor)
The Cow (Mask-Maker)
Elder Sister 2 (Painter)
Elder Sister 2 (Actor)
Elder Sister 1 (Painter)
Elder Sister 1 (Actor)
Cinderella (Painter)
Cinderella (Actor)
The Father / Priest (Actor)

Production Team

Musical Director