A Bulldog Days, Bulldog Productions Screening: So You Wanna Do Student Film?

A Screening of 'The Musical' Episode of B-Roll, followed by a Q + A/Panel with BP filmmakers

by Travis Gonzalez, Catherine Shaw, Maxine Dillion, Luz Lopez, Russell Cohen, Bulldog Productions, and the B-ROLL Cast & Crew


Interested in filmmaking but don’t how or wear to get involved? Consider Bulldog Productions, Yale’s Oldest Undergraduate Film Production House.Come watch a never-before-seen Episode of Bulldog Productions’ satirical filmmaking web series, B-Roll, followed by a panel and interactive discussion with freshman interested in filmmaking or film acting at Yale. Actors from the series will be present, as well as officers of Bulldog Productions, Yale’s Undergraduate Film Production House.No ticket reservation needed and refreshments will be served.

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Production Team