black femme mystique: a celebration

black femme mystique: a celebration, April 22 @ 7pm in Nick Chapel Theater

imagine a festive celebration of black femme creativity.

enter the space, enjoy experiential interaction.

look up down under around beside over through – a sensory extravaganza.

you’ve looked, you’ve tasted, you’ve felt – a sense of awe reverberates through your being.

now hush, sit down, the sharing is about to begin.

These are not performances. This is not a stage.

This is not artifice.

These are layers peeled back brought forward gifts to be shared and returned. 
This is flowing exchange of energy, sending love and receiving joy. 

This is connection.

This event opens the “black femme mystique” exhibition held in Nick Chapel Theater. From 7 - 8:30, we invite guests to enter and explore. We implore to you live with the art, we want you to sense the passion, we need you to see us clearly.

This beginning period is a more informal reception. Feel free to enter and leave as you wish.

The sharecase will begin promptly at 8:30. We ask that you be seated at this time.

We welcome:

Edwina Kisanga
Irene Vasquez
Nyamal Tuor
Amira Williams
Ashia Ajani
Kenia Hale
Prisca Dognon
Cam Aaron
Rhythmic Blues
Auguste White

Wear what you wish. A photo opportunity will follow the close of the celebration.

For all inquiries, please contact: 

Performance Dates & Times

April 22, 2019 - 7:00pm


Nick Chapel Theater

Venue Accessibility: 
Lobby, upper level seating, and facilities are accessible via an elevator inside the entrance to the Trumbull Head of College's office.