The Marina Keegan Award for Excellence in Playwriting (Est. 2013)

Marina KeeganThis award honors the memory of Marina Keegan ’12, a gifted playwright. Graduating seniors in English and Theater and Performance Studies, as well as seniors in other departments who have studied playwriting at Yale, are invited to submit a portfolio of dramatic writing for consideration – two plays, at least one of them full-length.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Gabrielle Poisson, Pauli Murray College

Gabrielle Poisson’s body of work has reflected this extraordinary playwright’s magical, almost molecular thinking about feminine adolescence; of tiny acts of becoming; of particular types of familial discord and suffering. Her play Drinking Games is the culmination of years of thinking about the body of the young woman with a luminous mind in a dysfunctional family.

Charlotte Foote, Jonathan Edwards College

Charlotte Foote’s beautiful play Ghost Fruit examines the fungible boundary between the material and the immaterial; the soul and the body. Her characters, each in their own way, rebel against and fall in love with the insubstantiality of this boundary, leading all of them to painful and liberating verities.


Marty Chandler, Ezra Stiles College

Kevin Tang, Davenport College


Walker Caplan, Branford College

Carrie Mannino, Trumbull College


Alexis “a.k.” Payne, Berkeley College

Rachel Calnek-Sugin, Silliman College


Alexa Derman, Berkeley College


Stefani Kuo, Pierson College


Dave Harris, Jonathan Edwards College


Eric Sirakian, Jonathan Edwards College


Ali Viterbi, Branford College


Nicole Davis, Berkeley College