Willing and Ready

A new play about church camp, desire, and a really nasty teddy bear.

by Aster Aguilar

In orange block letters: "Willing and Ready". In white, handwritten font underneath: a new play by Aster Aguilar.

Set in an evangelical church camp, “Willing and Ready” follows a group of pre-teen campers and their counselors as they go through what they want to be most exciting summer of their lives. But when a paranormal teddy bear starts attacking, they all must confront their complex feelings regarding religion, blossoming desire, and guilt, before it threatens to eat them alive (literally). 

“Willing and Ready” is a unique, high-energy exploration into the effects of organized religion on young people, utilizing liberal audience participation, puppets, and gore. See the attached file for the most current draft of the script :)

Show dates + location still TBA, and we are considering a couple different production paths. Current tentative timeline will be a spring CPA project, with a show date after March spring break. 

This show is a great opportunity to be a part of the development process of new, student-written work. Please reach out if you have any interest in being involved, ASAP!! 

For all inquiries, please contact: 

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