Audition For Wakaresaseya [Working Title]

Audition Instructions: 

There will be no live auditions; instead, please submit self-tapes via this form ( by January 15, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST.

For your audition, we’d like you to record yourself singing a short song (or excerpt) of your choosing. Our only requirements are that you pick a song or excerpt that (1) is less than 2 minutes in length, (2) showcases your vocal ability, and (3) demonstrates your acting talent by telling a story.

In your tape, please include the following: (1) Name, (2) Class year, (3) Major, (4) Enrollment status for Spring 2021, (5) Favorite thing that happened to you in 2020.

The audition packet has further information which is attached as a PDF, and can be found here:

Audition Materials: