haunter [a senior project]

multimedia project about "Yale"

by Rocky Bostick

Poster of haunter [a senior project]

**Note: Casting 6 lads; 6 lassies.**//what//A senior project for the art dept.//synopsis//Recall 2017. Twenty-one year old Ivan Salo (‘19) transfers to New Haven from a small desert college and falls in with some interesting folks: a beautiful love, the Daily News, a remarkable professor, a Literary Society, an aspiring politician, phantoms from his past, and a charismatic Brit. Over the school year he inadvertently goes from outsider to insider, uncovering secrets and earning one of his own. //plan//To form a tribe of actors for a series of experimental short films that will be edited to tell one story. We will meet at least twice a month between October and March, filming scenes in approximate real time. As these things go, it’s a larger time commitment for more significant characters; estimate ~10 hours of rehearsal/filming each month. Scenes will include scripted material, with occasional calls for improvisation — it’s important that actors be loose and ready to play around. Are you reminded of Linklater and Boyhood? That’s good. We’re gonna quasi-Boyhood the ish out of this process.***No previous on-camera experience necessary. In fact, theater background is preferred. My own history includes many genres of theater (from off-off to b’way), photo, and film. Even if you have no experience, feel free to audition — just be ready to tell stories.//previous//Production Design and Costumes for The Perfect Fourth, directed by art major Henry Wolf (‘16): www.shortoftheweek.com/2016/06/24/the-perfect-fourth/www.instagram.com/r…

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